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Ship of Fools

So my Dad requested I read this book because he's currently living inside the Fox News Bubble. I'm happy to oblige cause the book is small and it's wise to look at other viewpoints than you currently hold.

Tucker Carlson made some interesting choices in his book "Ship of Fools". I haven't spend much time in the genre for a while, but I have happened across some Anne Coulter, Al Franken, Fareed Zakaria, Stephen Colbert, and Bill O'Reilly over the last 10 years. This book is different though.

The first 50 pages is an attempt to dissect the world of high profile individuals trying to explain how we arrived in the 2018 we find ourselves in. But eventually he abandons the cause of talking about the "ruling class" to hook into 150 pages of Fox News Talking points. The only thing I can think is that perhaps the audience doesn't read enough that they might have been duped by this tactic.

I did find it interesting though that he has abandoned the existing Republican value set for a value set that is inline with Trumps values... I suppose thats in vogue now - Stand for nothing but being in power.

At the end though this book lacks three things that I require for non-fiction: 1) Data with appropriate citation 2) a general awareness of Second Order Effects and 3) a relevant novel point. None of these three elements were found anywhere.

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