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Who. Solve Your Number 1 Problem

In ~150 pages I was only able to pull out two nuggets despite their claims that this was the most exhaustive study of executive hiring tactics that's ever been conducted:

  • Don't hire generalists.
  • When you are asking a candidate that about their previous job add: "when I talk to your former boss what will they tell me about you?" ... and don't forget to actually talk to their former employer

That's it. It was written well enough but this genre of book makes me sad to spend the time on it. In the academic world this would have been a 2-3 page research study. In the business world it's a full book.

My guess is that either 1) people just aren't familiar with standard hiring practices, or 2) This book wasn't really meant to sell so much as provide advertisiment for the CEOs and Billionaires that were featured.

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