Does your office have a library?

Let's get weird... here are some questions. These questions aren't special questions or specifically meant as only this set of questions... they are just questions that capture the spirit of "pause and think on some stuff that you don't". Fill in your own questions if you have better ones.

  • Does your office/company have a library? Why or why not?
  • Would it be okay to sit and read a book at your job?
  • When was the last time your senior manager said: "I don't know the answer, but I'll research and get back to you"
  • When faced with a new problem when was the last time one of your coworkers said "why don't we find someone who has actually done this and ask them about it?"
  • How often do people at your company reach out to their friends for something?
  • How often do the grey hairs at your company reach out to the new recruits and ask them about stuff?
  • How often do the new recruits reach out to the executives and ask them questions?
  • Does your company care about diversity? If so are they hiring conservatives, the religious, or people with unrelated degrees? Hell are they hiring people without degrees or from places with no major metro around?
  • Do your hiring managers hire people like themselves or people that are very different from themselves?
  • If someone is really really good would you hire their wife/husband? How about their friends?
  • If someone is really really good why are or aren't they working with their friends?
  • How long would it take you to 180 and go into the your opposite profession? What is your opposite profession? Do you have any friends in that profession?
  • What would you take a pay cut for? What would you work on for free that makes money for someone else?
  • How often do you question narratives? How about personal narratives? How many narratives do you run into now that are complete bullshit?
  • Do you have any enemies? Why doesn't someone out there dislike your strongest beliefs?
  • What do you value about your enemies?
  • How often do you turn around and ask your self what aren't you asking yourself?
  • What are the people you envy doing that you won't do?
  • What are the people you envy doing that you aren't doing?
  • Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

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