Did a corporate dinner with the team in Monterrey last year and it was a pretty standard event till about 3/4 through. Two of our executives were having a conversation and inadvertently drew the attention of the rest of of the group. Our CTO decided to open up to everyone what they were discussing and it turned out to be a nice little nugget of wisdom...

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    As I understand it, there are just certain things in my life that I can't stop doing. I've been writing in some fashion since I was 12. Writing seems to be an experience that is growing richer and I appear to be improving. There are other things in my life though which follow the same pattern- despite having every reason in the world to stop... I just can't stop doing.

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    Communication can be made more or less effective by working with or against Human biological limitations. To put it another way, the way you organize and provide your information can increase your throughput, retention, and utility of the information you are providing. Here are some strategies...

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    Though its fading recently, a major pursuit of the front half of my life was trying to become *prematurely* wise. I did the work: I studied great humans, read all of the classics...


    Its my site so I'll do what I want with it... What I want today is to put some haikus out there into the world ¯ (ツ)_/¯

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    Making a resume? Here are the only 2 things you need to do on your resume to be a finalist for whatever job you are after: 1. Don't suck. 2. Provide context and results - That means (gasp!) using numbers.

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    Let's get weird... here are some questions. These questions aren't special questions or specifically meant as only this set of questions... they are just questions that capture the spirit of 'pause and think on some stuff that you don't'. Fill in your own questions if you have better ones.

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    ...I learned a lot from that period, but one of the things I learned that I did not expect was what I now call my '5% rule.' No matter how kind, warm, thoughtful, amazing, cheerful, consistent, and perfect I treated people roughly 5% of them would just be terrible (yes, I have the numbers to back this)...

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    There's a joke I say sometimes: I know my advice is good because no one ever takes it. Although it's a joke I realized theres a lot of truth to that statement. When I reflected on why that might be what occurred to me is less so about anything to do with it being my advice and just advice in general. So why are people so bad at giving and receiving advice?


    Belts in Karate are ordered from white to black. This is of course a new invention. Originally, new colored belts were not given upon arbitrary levels of attainment, a white belt was given at the beginning of one's training and you just never washed it. Over the years...

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