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if god is watching the least we can do is be entertaining...

    Wedding Hacks
    Some quick useful advice for weddings. Note: Weddings have little to do with marriages.

    A Better Way to Hire People
    Hiring shouldn't be about games, puzzles, or how well you speak... it should be about finding the people that are the best at doing the work

    How to Improve Public Schools
    Public Schools are a disgrace, and they won't be fixed anytime soon, here's a quick laundry list of easy improvements for policy makers

    How To Get Divorced Properly
    Tricks and Tips on how to end a marriage properly. I can't imagine more futile information, but never the less I thought I would put it out there

    Code Review Template
    My thoughts on how to do a better code review, basically in template form... hoping to find some enlightenment with a tough part of the job

Jon Paul Uritis

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  • Marketing Playbook
    (expected late 2019)

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Read articles I've written that are useless in a good way.

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Checkout some books I've read and quick thoughts about them.

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