Stop Breaking My Glasses

I worked at a tap house in college serving and bartending. It was a great job and I learned a lot of life lessons from the place.

At one point, the management team made a decision to bring in 23oz glasses that we could sell as an upcharge to customers (bigger than a normal pint). The glasses were a big hit on both sides of the bar. The customers saved a little money, the restaurant made a little more money, and by transative property the service staff made more money too. There was only one problem- the glasses were these thin flimsy things that would basically break if someone farted a little too loud.

Now financially this situation was a conundrum. A bad night could take away all the surplus gains, making the 23oz glasses not worth it. So David our GM gathered up the staff to figure out why all the glasses kept breaking.

David gave everyone a chance to talk. One bartender suggested buying sturdier glasses. They cost 2X the thin ones and were a problem for our dish sink under the bar with zero guarantee that they wouldn't break either. A server suggested that we change the pricing to adjust for the loss. Another server suggested that we do some light construction on the bar to keep them from breaking in all the places that they had been breaking. One by one everyone voiced their opinion on different strategies and explained why the glasses were breaking.

After everyone had a chance to speak, David stood up, and in a scary loud voice yelled at everyone: "HERE'S HOW WE ARE GOING TO FIX THIS! STOP BREAKING MY GLASSES."

I'll never forget how quickly the glasses stopped getting broken. I think I broke like 2 over the next 2 years.

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