Christmas Party

Dear Friends and Family,
You are cordially invited to our 18th Annual, non-denominational, NON-GMO, certified organic, fair-trade, Christmas party. Started in 2004 with only a few missed years (thanks COVID!), this is the Uritis Family's biggest get-together of the year, and we really hope that you will join us. (However if you or a family member is ill please be considerate)

This year we will be trying a new format so please read below to learn more about the events and locations!

We will be starting the party in two places depending on your age:

For anyone 21+ we will be doing a cocktail reception at Rum Sugar Lime, for those under 21 we will have baby sitting at the house with crafts and cookie decorating. Drop off will be at 4:45 to 5pm, the reception will start at 5:10pm. Please wear formal attire for the festivities.

After the 90min reception at RSL, we will return to the house for more cocktails, dancing, a cookie exchange, a White Elephant Gift Exchange (~$25), and a Slider Competition.

As always, the winner of "best slider" will receive a $50 Cash Prize as judged by the rest of the party. Please bring your A-game.

If you want to participate in the Cookie Swap touch base with Sacha, but roughly everyone participating should bring 12-24 cookies to share and swap with others. This way, you'll get to take home a variety of cookies to try!

The party will conclude and we will say our goodbyes at 8:45pm so the kids aren't up too late.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

- The Uritis Family

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