August 2020


The war in Afghanistan took the lives of 1,856 U.S. soldiers (KIA only) over the course of roughly 17 years (since 2001, from a population of roughly 2.7 million service members). Comparing this to roughly ~3,000 annual deaths from the general population of the same age for car accidents... (~37,000 total deaths, ~30 Million) ... It might actually be safer to be in a war than just living in the United States.


Old Code Gets Younger Every Year

The average age of COBOL programmers is a scary statistic for banks and government infrastructure who worry that they will all retire soon leaving them with no one to maintain their mainframes... but it turns out that COBOL/ mainframes aren't that scary compared to other situations.

How Much Money Do Restaurants Actually Make?

Digging deep into the real finances of an actual restaurant. This article came out a while ago but its worth swinging back to look at what was and what might be in the Post-COVID future.

Price Sensitivity Meter

Ever wonder how to find that perfect pricing for your product??? Turns out there is a way to figure it out and its been used for decades to help companies discover pricing strategy.

The Company That Sells Unclaimed Baggage

Tremendously interesting story about a company that sells people's unclaimed baggage.

If all 7 Billion People Moved To...

What would happen if you moved the world's population to Tunisia... and other questions of how much space human beings take up.

Yes, There Are Still Hippie Communes...

A check in article that examines "The Brotherhood of the Sun", and its commercial arm "Sunburst Farms". While Most Hippie Communes apparently blew up this one not only remains but has been by all measures successful.

An Interview with John Collison

Not going to lie- this interview is all over the place, but there are some absolute nuggets of wisdom hiding in the content.

The Entrepreneur's New Path of Maximum Optionality

A guide for those individuals trying to give themselves the maximum optionality for their business.

Bonus: The End of Python 2

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