August 2021


  • The amount of revenue that Police departments might lose to automated vehicles is non-trivial. As an example estimated annual fines & fees per citizen in Chicago is $97.07 (2013) or ~$263M. If we were to pretend that 20% of those fees were automobile related, Chicago could lose out on $50M dollars of revenue. It also begs the question if we should start working on changing the drinking age back to a reasonable number.
  • I'm wondering if the decline of hats is related to an increase in car use. The time periods seem to correlate. Which also makes me wonder if a rise in urban living will increase hat sales/ use.


US Healthcare is expensive because it's expensive

Johns Hopkins performed an incredibly deep study to figure out that US healthcare is expensive because we charge more (AND we get zero extra value for that money). In a related article, Vox shows that Emergency rooms are basically stealing from people with the way that they charge people.

What the Research Says About Weight Loss

Meta-study of over 100 peer-reviewed studies on weight loss. Some counter-intuitive conclusions came out of the meta study.

Gender and Race Discrimination in Venture Capital

Study performed by Stanford and University of British Columbia essentially finds that Women and Asian Entrepreneurs are more likely to receive a response than white males from venture capitalists.

And They Said You'd Never Use Math After Highschool!

Fermat's Library comes up big with a useful "real world" conversion via geometry.

Silver Fox Experiment

Interesting longitudinal study on selective breeding and the process of turning a fox into a dog. This experiment is particularly notable for 2 reasons: 1) It is one of the longest running scientific experiments in human history and 2) it managed to be conducted in Soviet Russia.

A Beautiful System Hack

A bike company was seeing massive amounts of damage to their product during shipping... what did they do?

Mind Blowing Engineering Feat in Antiquity

Deep dive into one of the more impressive engineering feats you will ever read about. A 1000+ ft water tunnel dug in ancient greece.

Who is the Prototypical Rich Person

Robert M. Beren, Professor of Economics at Harvard University talks very colloquially about the "wealthy" in the U.S. This isn't a millionare next door type data dive, but it is interesting to read his perspective since he arguably understands wealth dynamics better than most people.

Video of Paris, France in 1898

Super interesting footage from France a little over 100 years ago.

Pocket Notebooks of Famous Men

Thinking I might start carrying a pocket notebook.

BONUS: A Mysterious Lost Roman Herb

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