July 2020


A Date/Time isn't just a unit of measurement it can also be a physical location. Because we are moving around the sun and the universe is explanding November of last year isn't in the same place as November this year.


The Amish Healthcare system

Note: the original link was here untill the NY times decide to dox the websites owner: link This article is one of my favorite discoveries in a while. It investigates the healthcare system that the Amish use. It costs 25% of what the rest of us pay, and they get better results.

The End of Starsky Robotics

An Ephitaph for Starsky Robotics. The company shut down and one of the founders was kind enough to explain in detail why it happened and what is really going on at the bleeding edge of automomous vehicles.

Notes on a Novel Corona Virus

A piece on COVID-19 written by an evolutionary biologist in the early onset of the pandemic. It is a dark, sometimes humourous look at the world as it is about to blow up

Why Do Programmers Start Counting at Zero?

(For non-technical persons) In programming most languages start from the number zero as opposed to the number 1. This post takes a DEEP dive into why that is, and also why it is that programmers don't know the reason behind this aspect of programming.

[How complex systems fail]( Complex Systems Fail.pdf)

A TLDR for why complex systems fail. It's very illuminating for those of us that don't spend enough time thinking about all the bad stuff that can happen.

The Eternal Debate- Build or Buy

The author explains his reasoning for when to build something or when to buy something. The article takes talks through all the core points such as, incentives strucutres, core competency, and value generation.

COVID-19 Reproduction Rate

This piece of analysis is just plain interesting because it was written by the co-founder of instagram Kevin Systrom. WTF? Yep. That's what I said too.

How to get your first 100 Users

A fun notion board that builds out practical tactics for acquiring your first hundred users for a (SaaS) business.

When U.S. air force discovered the flaw of averages

This article looks at what happens when you engineer based off of averages. This article has a similar resolution as Malcom Gladwell talks about in his famous "Spagetti Sauce" TED talk. I always find it fun to run into these stories

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