July 2021


There are 888,931,098 possible social security numbers. As of June 25, 2011, assignment of the future numbers is random, whereas previously we were expected to exhaust somewhat earlier. Now the expected exhaust time is roughly 2093... that is unless the majority of Americans were to request a new number, which (and I'm not suggesting subversion) Americans can in fact do. Now if it were to happen there would be a huge issue though because of the size of the social security administration, and it's dated technology. Ergo, if you wanted quicker social security reform... just convince a lot of people to change their number.


The Art of Asking Nicely

An Interesting and playful examination of how a Machine Learnring model (GAN specifically) can be improved just by using different, and "nicer" language.

Improving the Economics of Artificial Intelligence

Andreessen Horowitz knows a thing or two about investing in software. Their take here is that "AI companies often have lower gross margins, can be harder to scale, and don’t always have strong defensive moats" so how can these companies become sound investments?

How Doctors Die

There is a massive difference between how doctors (Medical Doctors) choose to live out the end of their life versus the general public.

Reflections on Gumroad

Gumroad was set up to be a billion dollar company, then they weren't... an interesting look at the story of gum road.

The Hunt for the Death Valley Germans

A mystery/ tragedy that will absolutely captivate you... be warned its a long read.

Translating Brain Waves into Speech

Apparently we can now use computers to translate what you are thinking into words... my question will this make girlfriends obsolete?

Venture Capitalists don't seem to be moving forward... why?

Venture capitalists are a weird niche in the financial sector. They almost never follow the advice they give to companies themselves... what gives?

Deep Dive on the Beastie Boys

Deep dive into the beasties. Be prepared for your eyeballs to hurt from the length of this one though.

Running is Cheap, So Why are Marathon Runners All Wealthy?

The article argues that running marathons require a bunch of time and money... which is bullshit from my vantage... but why then are all marathon runners wealthy?

Unused Domains

An interesting study to try and see how much "internet" real estate remains undeveloped.

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