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So what you are about to read was never supposed to exist at all. I basically accidentally wrote it (and I swear I didn’t intend this article to be this way), but originally I wanted it to be a listicle. You know: “The 25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions”, “the 10 best easter eggs by google”, “10 things I hate about you”, et cetera...

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    Belts in Karate are ordered from white to black. This is of course a new invention. Originally, new colored belts were not given upon arbitrary levels of attainment, a white belt was given at the beginning of one's training and you just never washed it. Over the years...

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    I never interview anymore, but the handful of times I have miraculously produced some funny stories. (cont.) I transitioned to development/engineering from a successful telecom sales career. The process was a little rocky, but after I had my feet under me (but before I knew what I was doing) I got offered an interview

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    May 2022. For the last few weeks the stock market, bond market, VC markets, crypto-currencies, and anything else related to money has been taking an absolute nose dive. Tech stocks have in some cases lost upwards of 80% of their value. Inflation has been cranking at 7%-10% for the last year.

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    I lost my best friend yesterday. The poor little guy stopped being able to breath after he reponded badly to a surgery. I already miss him a lot... I'm hurting pretty bad on this one... I figure I'd let everyone to know why, and to tell his story.

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    I worked at a tap house in college serving and bartending. It was a great job and I learned a lot of life lessons from the place. At one point, the management team made a decision to bring in 23oz glasses that we could sell as an upcharge to customers...

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    My favorite Professor at KU, John Younger, was at Duke for about 25 years before coming to KU. He was their expert in classical studies (Greece, Rome, etc) and was considered a world expert. He left when they gave him a little clock...

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