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    Communication can be made more or less effective by working with or against Human biological limitations. To put it another way, the way you organize and provide your information can increase your throughput, retention, and utility of the information you are providing. Here are some strategies...

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    Let's get weird... here are some questions. These questions aren't special questions or specifically meant as only this set of questions... they are just questions that capture the spirit of 'pause and think on some stuff that you don't'. Fill in your own questions if you have better ones.

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    ...I learned a lot from that period, but one of the things I learned that I did not expect was what I now call my '5% rule.' No matter how kind, warm, thoughtful, amazing, cheerful, consistent, and perfect I treated people roughly 5% of them would just be terrible (yes, I have the numbers to back this)...

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    Belts in Karate are ordered from white to black. This is of course a new invention. Originally, new colored belts were not given upon arbitrary levels of attainment, a white belt was given at the beginning of one's training and you just never washed it. Over the years...

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    May 2022. For the last few weeks the stock market, bond market, VC markets, crypto-currencies, and anything else related to money has been taking an absolute nose dive. Tech stocks have in some cases lost upwards of 80% of their value. Inflation has been cranking at 7%-10% for the last year.

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    I lost my best friend yesterday. The poor little guy stopped being able to breath after he reponded badly to a surgery. I already miss him a lot... I'm hurting pretty bad on this one... I figure I'd let everyone to know why, and to tell his story.

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    My favorite Professor at KU, John Younger, was at Duke for about 25 years before coming to KU. He was their expert in classical studies (Greece, Rome, etc) and was considered a world expert. He left when they gave him a little clock...

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