Code Review Template

This template is designed to help create a better process surrounding your code review. Every company/project is different so don't take this as God's word... it's just meant to help

Git Repository: ____

Pull Request Number: ____

Code Author: ____

Code Reviewer: ____

Pull Request Type: ____

An overall score for this review: ____


Upon testing, does the code work? Does it accomplish what was intended?


Was the proper process followed for creating this pull request?

Coding Standards


Code should be coherent, logical, and require minimal explanation


Code should follow the project's style guide for spacing, indentation, capitalization, etc.


Code should be well commented and include doc blocks

Continuous Improvement

Boyscout Rule: If editing existing messy code, the code should be left in a better state than it was found

Architecture and Design

Single Responsibility

Functions and methods stand alone. Classes have a single responsibility.


Methods should have a limited number of parameters or constants.


Code should be written with backend efficiency (algorithm choice, caching data, etc.) and frontend efficiency (optimized resources, minimal HTTP requests, etc.) in mind

Code Duplication

Avoid code duplication in favor of abstracting common functionality (Rule of 3)

Best Practices

Unit Tests

Depending on the changes, unit tests may not be required.

Missing or incomplete

Well written

Functional Tests

Depending on the changes, functional tests may not be required.

Missing or incomplete

Well Written


Depending on the changes, documentation may not be required.

Missing or incomplete

Well written

Additional Notes

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